High Security Shredding For All Your Confidential Waste

Dove Recycling confidential waste bagProvision ...

For all your confidential waste requirements we provide confidential waste sacks to store your sensitive paperwork and they come with ties to maintain security in transit.

Peace of mind ...

  • We shred in house at our secure premises and guarantee all shredding is conducted within 24 hours of collection.
  • We provide full certification confirming destruction of your confidential waste.

Environmentally friendly

We guarantee all paper shredded is not only recycled but is so in the UK.

Tailor made collections ...

We help our clients address their confidential waste in one of three ways:

1. For lower usage,
we provide a batch of 10 sacks with ties. As and when 1-2 sacks are filled, you simply drop us a line and we come and collect from you. The advantage of this is that you don't have the inconvenience of lots of sacks taking up valuable storage space. There is no time limit imposed to use up the 10 sacks and we collect them 1-2 at a time until all 10 are used.

2. For medium to high usage,
we provide the same quantity of sacks and ties, however collect when you have filled 5, 10 or 15 sacks on a more frequent basis. I.e Weekly or upon request. Again this helps you to conveniently and quickly have your sensitive paperwork collected and shredded to save on storage space in the office!

3. For archive clearances either annually or periodically,
we provide an appropriate collection service to suite. Large clearances involve a lot of heavy lifting and our staff are fully trained in manual handling to make the collection process easy, practical and we generally help to lighten the load!

Security standards

  • Our shredding machine is an EVA Shred 45 and shreds to security level 3 and is fully recognised and endorsed within the security industry.
  • Our drivers are security checked upon recruitment and our vans are tracked so we know where they are in real time.
  • Upon request we are more than happy for you to make an appointment to witness the destruction of your paperwork.

You can call us on 01489 894477  01489 894477

email us  info@doverecycling.co.uk

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confidential waste
collections made easy!

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"Dove Recycling have helped us overcome our storage problems with a regular and efficient Confidential Waste collection service that's tailored to our needs. We don't even need to manhandle the sacks, as the friendly driver will collect them from around the building."

Deborah Wise and Co., Farnham