Professional Recycling Collections

  • We provide reliable collections of your recyclable materials to match the frequency you require.
  • Whether it's a weekly or fortnightly collection you were looking for, a one of clearout or perhaps a collection on demand, we ensure your collection needs are catered for!
  • Our collection staff are fully trained to collect your recyclable waste.
  • We provide internal storage receptacles and on the day of collection, these are placed by you in a centralised location ready for collection. Our friendly staff collect the full bags and transfer into our collection vehicle, leaving your bags with you empty, ready for the next week.
  • Although we offer an internal collection system, we are also able upon request to provide external wheelie bin collections too.
Dove Recycling Collection bus

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Waste minimisation

Most businesses generate more recyclable waste than rubbish waste and our clients see a staggering 90% + of their waste being diverted from landfill.

We all recycle at home and now Dove Recycling can make it easy to recycle in the workplace.


Forest Research, part of the Forestry Commission, teamed up with Dove Recycling in the summer of 2006 to reduce the amount of their business waste going to landfill from their Alice Holt site.

"We chose Dove to help us because they offered a cost effective service and they matched our ambition to put environmental issues at the forefront of our business operation"